History / Charter

HEMODIA - created by Pierre MONTORIOL in Toulouse in 1985 - is a company known for its knowledge and expertise in the design, production and marketing of single-use medical devices.

HEMODIA has been present in the dialysis market for more than 30 years, and initially concentrated its resources on dialysis patients by producing customised lines for the extracorporeal circuit.

Today, its 300 employees are distributed across complementary strategic areas:

Key figures:

  • 30 years of experience
  • 15 million kits produced in 2017
  • 950 references
  • 20 million metres of tubing
  • 200 million plastic components
  • 750 clients: hospitals, clinics, dialysis associations, home care providers, businesses in France and abroad

Since 2014, HEMODIA has aimed to develop its expertise in exports.

Its subsidiary HEMODIA UK was created in August 2014.

Hemodia celebrates 30 years

In March 2015, HEMODIA celebrated its 30 year anniversary. Since its creation in 1985, the company has continued to develop in the world of customised care kits and medical tubing. Since 2014, HEMODIA has prioritised its work in the field of arthroscopy, in France and abroad, in particular with direct sales of tubing, of which it is the original manufacturer, and the development of electro-medical devices. A design and development department dedicated to this activity, and the company HEMODIA UK have also been created.

HEMODIA wanted to mark this anniversary and the increase in its arthroscopy activity with a new visual identity.

This new logo reflects the values of HEMODIA

  • A capital “H”: 30 years of expertise in the field of care kits and medical tubing.
  • Lines and shape that are modern, dynamic and simple
  • A slogan with an international focus.