Quality policy

Ensuring the safety of patients and users

  • Guaranteeing that our products are compliant with the applicable standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Focusing on the development of our quality management system, to improve effectiveness and flexibility while maintaining pragmatism and compliance with standards and regulatory requirements, in the context of continuous progress.

Satisfying our clients

  • Listening and responding, to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, providing them with high-performance, reliable products that are fully adapted to the requirements of patients and users.
  • Securing our operations, in order to:
    • guarantee competitive, attractive prices for our clients
    • provide our products fluidly and continuously

Developing competitiveness

  • Encouraging competitive, safe product production, leveraging the correct balance between automation and flexibility
  • Continually improving our industrial tools
  • Pursuing our international ambitions for our arthroscopy products

Valuing our collaborators

  • Supporting our employees in accomplishing their tasks.
  • Preserving and promoting the enthusiasm and knowledge of our teams.
  • Promoting 3 primary principles for clients, suppliers and the entire company:
    • Team Spirit
    • Communication
    • Respect

Our quality policy allows us to define
our objectives each year