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Our commitments

Aware of the challenges of tomorrow and our role in the medical industry, we have been initiating new projects for several years now, launching concrete actions and moving towards a greener, more sustainable economy.

Hemodia is committed to working alongside you to help improve society and protect the environment.

Our quality policy

Ensuring the safety of patients and users

  • Guarantee that our products comply with regulatory requirements
  • Be attentive to the development of our quality management system in a constantly changing context

Satisfying our customers

  • To be attentive and responsive to the needs and expectations of our customers, providing them with high-performance products tailored to the requirements of patients and users.
  • To secure our activities in order to guarantee competitive prices and the smooth availability of our products

Developing our competitiveness

  • Encourage competitive and reliable production
  • Support our international ambitions for our products
  • Develop new ranges of Care Sets and Electro-Medical Devices

Promoting our employees

  • Supporting our employees in their achievements
  • Maintaining and promoting the enthusiasm and expertise of our teams
  • Promoting the 3 pillars of our ethics charter: team spirit, communication and respect

Our certifications

The following sites are certified :

  • Hemodia Labège Headquarters: ISO13485. We have MDSAP certification for Canada, Australia and the United States. Procedures are underway for Japan in 2023.
  • Hemodia Labège Sagal: ISO13485, including ethyl oxide sterilisation in accordance with ISO 11135.
  • Hemodia Maghreb (La Marsa, Tunisia): ISO13485
  • Hemodia Zaghouan (Zaghouan, Tunisia): ISO13485
  • Hemodia Fourquevaux: a certification project is underway. The teams are mobilised to achieve this quality objective.

Our products comply with the following standards:

  • Arthroscopy pumps and tubing: our main geographical areas are Europe Directive 93/42/EEC, USA, Canada. For Europe, arthroscopy accessories (Class I) comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 under self-certification.
  • Care sets - Satellite equipment for various medical applications (Class Is or Sterile Assembly) : Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Care sets - Tubes and accessories for medical applications other than arthroscopy (class IIa): Directive 93/42/EEC

Transparency under the Bertrand Act

The Anti-Bribery Law 2.0, introduced in 1993 and regularly reinforced since then, sets up an anti-corruption system. Its aim is to control and moralise relations between healthcare companies and healthcare professionals. 

As a responsible and committed company, Hemodia ensures that all its relations with healthcare professionals (participation in medical congresses, training courses, missions, etc.) fall within the strict framework of this anti-gift 2.0 system.

In accordance with the law of 29 December 2011 known as the "Bertrand law" relating to the reinforcement of the sanitary safety of medicines and healthcare products, Hemodia, like any company in the healthcare sector, is obliged to make public the existence of agreements concluded with healthcare professionals, as well as the benefits provided to them by the company in the context of their professional activity, as soon as the amount is greater than or equal to 10 euros including VAT.

All the information published can be consulted on the Transparence - Santé. website.

Gender equality index

Declared a major national cause, professional equality between women and men requires the mobilisation of everyone. The law on the freedom to choose one's professional future places an obligation on companies to achieve results. It created the Gender Equality Pay Index.

HEMODIA is therefore helping to promote equal treatment for women and men, and we are pleased to publish our index of 91/100.

This overall score is calculated on the basis of the following indicators (data for the year 2022):

  • Gender pay gap indicator: 37 points out of 40.
  • Number of women and men receiving pay rises: 35 points out of 35.
  • Rate of female employees on maternity leave who received a pay rise on their return: not calculable.
  • Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners: 5 points out of 10.

In general, our human resources policy is to avoid any discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, ethnic or religious origin, etc....

Our CSR initiative

Implementing a CSR approach enables Hemodia to combine economic logic with social and environmental responsibility. A team of 4 people and a project manager have been put together to develop all our corporate social responsibility projects.

Hemodia works on a daily basis to move towards a more responsible and greener economy :

Our environmental actions :

  • green electricity contract
  • distribution of reusable cups
  • installation of beehives on our various sites
  • development of greener, more environmentally-friendly goodies
  • selective weeding by the grounds maintenance company
  • selection of transport partners with fleets of Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles
  • optimisation of our blister and cardboard packaging 
  • recovering plastic waste, pollutants and packaging 
  • development of a fleet of electric cars and rechargeable charging stations to enable our employees to travel between the various sites
  • organisation of a cleanup around our sites as part of the World Clean Up.

Our social actions:

  • internal newsletter sent to all teams every month
  • organisation of social events several times a year
  • distribution of small gifts on the occasion of certain events
  • collection of equipment for charities
  • raising employee awareness for Pink October
  • collection of toys for the end-of-year festivities
  • sports challenge for employees 
  • gender equality index respected and updated each year
  • organisation of several workshops as part of QVTC week

Our economic actions :

  • treatment of waste in sterilisation processes
  • air treatment for more energy-efficient premises
  • local economic development
  • strict selection of suppliers and service providers
  • HR policy promoting gender diversity and equal opportunities
  • tailor-made design of care sets 
  • new more energy-efficient machines

Aware of the challenges of tomorrow, Hemodia is committed to working alongside you and developing a tailored, high-quality offering that cares for people and the planet, while respecting its fundamental values: team spirit, communication and respect.