Customisation and adaptability

Customised offer

For the last 30 years, Hemodia has been developing a customised offer. This companywide approach is based on dialogue, technical expertise and strong customer support to respond to specific needs. Hemodia aims to produce devices that fit to each customer's expectations and specific identity.

The company's first 1985 slogan “Custom-made, right away” continues to represent Hemodia's commitments of excellence, adaptability and responsiveness.

All of Hemodia's products are the result of teamwork. Local representatives meet customers in the field and work with them to understand their care protocols and specific needs in order to transform them into bespoke finished products and solutions. Each department within Hemodia – commercial, methods, production, regulatory – is dedicated to the customers' satisfaction.

Patients' well-being remains Hemodia's priority. The company is committed to finding solutions and developing top-quality, reliable and high-performance devices in line with local applicable medical regulations.


The total in-house processes enable Hemodia to manage the entire production for optimal adaptability.

As adaptability is also part of selection criterias for our partners, Hemodia has chosen to have the majority of its suppliers in Europe.

Distributed over the different activities in France and in Europe, sales teams are here to listen to your requests and are ready to consider any project.