Modern slavery statement

This statement is issued in response to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act (the “Act”) which came into force on 29 October 2015. The Act requires the disclosure by large organisations carrying on business in the UK, in an annual statement, of the steps taken to prevent modern slavery from occurring in their own operations and in their supply chains. This statement is made on behalf of the Hemodia Group in respect of the financial year ended 31st December 2020. Each of the Group’s subsidiaries which is directly subject to the Act may rely on this statement for its own declaration.

We have a strong focus on purpose, and our sense of social responsibility ensures we speak out on the issues that impact our clients, our people and our industry. Our policy is to assess and address anti-modern slavery laws in our own business and we expect organisations with whom we work also to adopt and enforce policies to comply with the legislation. Collaboration is at the heart of achieving this with our people, suppliers and clients.

Our policy

Our policy is to assess and address the risks of violations of anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery laws. We adopt procedures that contribute to ensuring modern slavery does not occur in our business or supply chains and we expect organisations with whom we do business to adopt and enforce policies to comply with the legislation.
We support our people and clients to address issues arising from modern slavery. To give meaning to our work, we decided to develop a company charter, indicating our values, and the resulting action principles, very clearly.

Hemodia Group’s Charter of Ethics

Our vision, a human enterprise:

-    with a strong mind and controlled growt

-    set up to produce quality products, ensuring profitability to guarantee future development and independence
-    that promotes the development of everyone
-    that values innovation


Our management principles arise from these values, and are the practical, daily, real-world application. Team spirit, communication and respect are not empty slogans, but must be implemented, continually shaping and guiding our behaviour and relationships, both internally and with our clients, suppliers and shareholders.


Our structure and supply chains

Since 1985 Hemodia is a leading independent medical equipment supplier in Europe,providing innovative medical technology and services, located in France, Tunisia and United Kingdom.
With this historical industrial concept - internalization of the design, production, sterilization, storage and distribution - Hemodia anticipates customer needs and meets the delivery requirements upon receipt of orders. Its integrated units, with production in France and Tunisia, supply and supply them.

  •  80% of our suppliers are located in Europe.
  • Suppliers evaluation and selection before referencing according to strict specifications:

              •CE marking
              •Compliance with standards
              •Sustainable development and CSR

Our procedures

We have a number of procedures in place that contribute to ensuring modern slavery does not occur in our business or supply chains.
-    Employment policies that protect our people from unfair treatment and promote a fair and inclusive workplace
-    Robust recruitment processes in line with International Labour Organization, including: ‘right to work’ document checks; contracts of employment and checks to ensure everyone employed is 18 and above
-    Market-related pay and rewards reviewed annually
Transparency in our supply chains
We recognize that our firm is exposed to greater risk when dealing with its suppliers, particularly those who have operations/suppliers in other territories. A Responsible Purchasing Policy is in place, which reflects our commitment to and focus on suppliers’ ethical supply chain(s)
A questionnaire on working conditions is in place, used for all suppliers of goods and services where their localizations is risky, clearly stating the firm’s intention to step away (without penalty) if any occurrences of modern slavery are discovered.

Supporting our clients

We continuously review how to support clients. This includes collaborating with Government agencies and other reputable organisations to deepen and share knowledge so that we may be impactful. In addition, we are able to help our clients to:

-    develop a modern slavery statement
-    conduct supply chain mapping
-    carry out supplier due diligence and routine spot checks
-    develop any policies and practices clients may have in place.

Further steps

In light of both increased regulatory focus and Hemodia’s own commitments undertaken in 2019, the Hemodia Group intends to continue enhancing its social and human rights risk management and to continue to review its effectiveness.

Current plans include:
- to go one step further concerning HR controls across the Group to ensure that each entity has the means to implement effective management;
- to review the social risks identification and management process;
- to review sector-specific policies to facilitate their operational implementation. These policies will also be revised in light of the results from the risk mapping performed as part of the Duty of Care implementation;
- to perform the Compliance Risk Assessment throughout the Group on social risks including human rights.


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes the Hemodia Group’s modern slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending december 31, 2020.

This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors on 16 november 2020.