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Home care

David J LLOYD - Care Kits Manager - United Kingdom

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Care Kits Manager - United Kingdom

+44 7971 822 669

By considering patients at home in the same way as hospitalised patients, Hemodia develops tailored solutions and offers several types of management.

Covering a wide range of hospital specialities, Hemodia has numerous components and families of care kits:


  • infusion kits
  • dressing repair kits
  • blood collection kits
  • nutrition kits
  • urinary catheterisation kits, etc.

Hemodia accompanies you to the patient's home. The care kits can be put together in the form of a box to adapt to specific care: DOMIBOX. This ready-to-use box is dedicated to parenteral nutrition or home infusion. It contains all the care kits and devices needed for several days' treatment.

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