CSR and Sustainable development

Para garantizar su compromiso de Calidad Hemodia se asocia con proveedores fiables y así consigue una colaboración duradera. Los proveedores se seleccionan y se evalúan de forma rigurosa antes de registrarlos, asimismo, deben respetar unas condiciones precisas (marcación CE, cumplimiento de las normas, etc.).


Combining innovation with respect for the company’s core values, Hemodia incorporates societal change and contributes to medical progress, to support clients and patients in France and worldwide.

Every day, Hemodia strives to offer solutions that respond to the issues of sustainable development and respect for people. The strict selection policy for suppliers and service providers is based on the respect of laws, ethical standards and social commitments.

Territorial anchoring

Hemodia is a fully independent French company. It contributes to economic development in the region, through wealth creation, technological development and job creation.

Through its choice of service providers and suppliers, Hemodia also appeals to local businesses in order to contribute to value creation in the region and reduce its carbon footprint.

Regarding its care kits activity, 80% of Hemodia’s suppliers are European. They are chosen based on strict specifications: CE marking, compliance with standards, sustainable development and CSR, flexibility, etc.


The tailored approach that Hemodia offers its customers address a desire to reduce waste.
Particularly for care kits, Hemodia adapts its offer to the various protocols and optimise the composition of the kits. By promoting exchange and incorporating the requirements of its partners when developing medical devices, Hemodia minimises the less useful items and thus contributes to waste reduction.

The search for a recyclable overwrap paper, as well as inks and cardboard that are kinder to the environment, also addresses ecological considerations.
Treating discharge in the sterilisation process

The ethylene oxide steriliser installed in 2017 allows Hemodia to increase production capacity and treatment quality, while reducing its ecological footprint.

Waste recycling

Over several decades, Hemodia has developed partnerships with waste recycling specialists, to minimise its environmental impact. Hemodia with its partners encourages the waste conversion for plastics materials, pollutant wastes and packaging waste (cardboard mostly).

Hemodia encourages choosing treatment kits in soft rather than hard blister packs. They can be compacted, which allows:

  • a reduction in the volume of waste
  • a reduction in the volume to be transported and, consequently, a decrease in road transport



The printers chosen by Hemodia are Imprim’vert, PEFC and FSC certified. Marketing documents and labels are printed on paper with FSC and/or PEFC certification, from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.
The chosen printers also manage recycling of sludge, ink and varnish, as well as paper and waste recycling.